Thursday, July 14, 2011

New baby

So in case any of you don't know, I'm pregnant with our second baby! About 14 weeks along and feeling like a star race horse. Seriously I don't think my body has even noticed I'm pregnant. I occasionally feel a little tired, or really really want cheetos but that's about it.

But the best thing about this pregnancy so far is the lack of fear. Last time I was terrified of the coming baby. The changes she would bring, the lack of sleep, the questions. I knew we would figure it out, but entering into a whole new unknown world is just unnerving. This time around I know there will be challenged, we have to learn how to deal with two little ones. We will need to take care of a toddler and new born simultaneously. But the thing is we already have taken on bigger things in life than I thought possible, so another baby? No biggie. When I think of this new one my primary feeling is joy. I can't wait to meet a new little person with some of Andy and some of me, and a whole lot of him/herself. I can't wait for Lu to have a little sibling to poke, torment, and love.

Luthie learned how to say 'baby' this week, and I feel a little emotional every time I realize she will soon be saying that about her little sibling. Andy and I talk in excitement as we strategize names, sleeping arrangements, birth plans...and it is all in a spirit of anticipation and excitement. I can't wait to see him hold his new tiny baby again.

And I hope that in the hard times of new babydom we remember that hard times end and change with babies, as do the lovely soul-touching times. I hope to appreciate all the new born snuggles since now I know that new borns quickly become mobile little creatures who never want to snuggle but love to give kisses.