Monday, September 13, 2010


I have a new favorite baby carrier—the sling. This is the most classic of baby carriers and it is a favorite of baby wearers. Anyway, Maralee gave us a sweet tye-dyed one when Lu was born but Lu was done with the whole swaddling thing after about two weeks of life. The first time I put her in the sling she loved it, a couple of weeks later she screamed when I tried to put her in it. But a few weeks ago I tried her out in it again, in the hip hold position. It was pretty comfortable and she seemed pretty content in it. she has been getting a bit too heavy for the bjorn. The sling spreads her weight across my back and shoulders, and the bjorn feels like it is just on my shoulders.


  1. Glad you like it! It's our favorite too! :-)

  2. You would have a tie dye sling! The sling is the only baby carrier I have ever had, so I like it! Definitely came in handy walking the streets of DC for your wedding. I also like slings because they can double as nursing covers. In fact, Therese hardly rides in the sling anymore, so when she sees it she starts getting excited because she just thinks of eating.

  3. @ Maralee: Well you have provided the bulk of our baby supplies :) What an awesome Godmother!

    @Lindy: Of course it has to be tie dye! Yeah I never thought of using the sling as a nursing cover so I will have to try it. It seems like Luthien has a new desire to expose me to the world every time I nurse her!