Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh life

It has been a while for me and my blog! Life has been quite busy lately (really it’s always busy with the intrepid crawler living in house!). Here’s an update of our house:
1) I have a job which I already posted about. It is going very well and I’m learning a lot. I may be a semi-techi person if they help me get ITILv3 certified which I hope for since it would make me quite marketable. We have all adjusted a little to help me do my job (currently 20 hours a week). During the day I usually work at the coffee table sitting on the floor so I can be close Lu—stop to tickle her chin, play with her, keep her content. She seems to like it when I’m close like that, although she likes to come and stand on my lap (to see what I’m doing? To correct my spelling? For a snuggle?). We have been getting lots of stuff done on the weekends to help out during the week—laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning. Andy has been cooking like crazy which has been super fun. He make a delicious meal of potatoes and salmon last week—his dad is an amazing cook so maybe Andy possesses some of those genes! I think we have struck a very good balance so far. I feel I’m still able to give Lu lots of love and attention, and I feel calmer after using my writing skills.
2) Lu is almost walking! She stands there and bounces and smiles, but no actual steps yet.
3) We had a spectacular Halloween party/beer tasting event! Andy and I were punk rockers, and Lu was a lion cub. We did not take pictures—lame lame lame us. We are terrible picture people, and may need a live in photographer. Luthien?
4) Andy is looking into PhD programs. We have a while to decide if it’s the best route but another good thing about my job is that it would definitely make him getting his PhD more possible. “Dr. Horner” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?
5) Fall in Front Royal is gorgeous. Fall still surprises me on this side of the country since it is almost nonexistent in California. We have been feasting our eyes on orange, yellow, and red leaves. We finally went walking in the local graveyard and some of the trees were spectacular! We really need to get that photographer…

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  1. Glad to hear that things are going well for you!