Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Working out!

As I mentioned I made the most cliché new year’s resolution ever this year—I intend to get in shape. Since graduating from college I’ve been pretty hit or miss in the exercise department, which is actually a little strange for me, since I was in cross country, swimming, and Frisbee during high school and college. I thought post being pregnant I have extra incentive to start working out again to lose whatever baby weight hung on, but, well my baby weight just kind of fell off the first few weeks (I know, I know, boo, hiss). I had a hard time keeping weight on in order to breastfeed. Then we moved, we got married, and exercising just didn’t happen.

When we got back from vacation we decided to get a wii fit. And I have really been using it! I’ll admit when the wii fit came out I laughed at it…who needs a video game to work out? Well me apparently. You see I’m a cold wimp. During the warm months going outside to run is a lovely experience, but in winter with things like snow (I’m from California so snow is a little intense for me) and just general freezing weather keep me pretty happily indoors.

Since the wii fit though, I’m been working out several times a week, and it feels so good to finally use my neglected muscles again. And I must say, my arms are pretty dang buff thanks to carrying our big (almost!) 12 month old around!


  1. Is that a teething ring that Andy is working out with? Haha!

  2. Yep, it's a teething ring, showing his strong dadness!