Monday, April 18, 2011

Strong Mama

So I think being a parent has made me stronger than I ever have been. I can face all kinds of crazy things in a day without a problem. First off I am literally stronger in my arms! As Lu grows I keep on lifting her and carrying her around. It is the ultimate gradual weight training!

However, it has also made me stronger in other ways. For instance this morning by 7am I had cleaned up both vomit and poop. Lu threw up in her crib in the morning and then her diaper exploded poop all over her. By 7 I had cleaned it all up, gotten everything in the wash, and bathed Lu twice. Let me tell you events like that take some emotional toughness which I am quickly gaining, and a good hold on one's gag reflex...And after handling this morning's nastiness I know I can handle all kinds of crazy stuff.

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