Saturday, April 28, 2012


My poor little blog.  As if I wasn't a bad enough blogger, now I've gone and left it for months.  Well, I'm hopefully back now.  Now for a quick catch-up:

January: Judah was born a full six days early on January 4th!  He decided to surprise us by coming on the most inconvenient day of that time period right after Andy's Christmas vacation, but before my sister arrived to help out.  His birth was rather chaotic mostly due to the nutsy hospital staff.  The labor itself was pretty smooth, but I was darn lucky this was our second kid and I knew what I was doing.  The dramatic part of the story is that Andy almost caught him.

The rest of January we spent adjusting to a new little one.  Lu went through a crazy sleep strike that was super fun.

February: We continue learning how to take car of two.  I pick back up working 15 hours a week grading papers. Andy's family came to visit to see Judah Baptized.

March: Work, work, work, and studying on Andy's part.  I also turned 25. I started running again thanks to the sweet new running shoes Andy got me for my birthday.

April: Andy really starts to kick it into high gear preparing for finals, and writing his thesis.  He spends many nights studying late, I spend many nights on duty with the kidlets so he can work.

Now, gloriously, Andy has his final final on Thursday!  It has been a long three years of school for him, but he will finally have his masters!  I am so proud.

I think we have also adjusted well to having another kid.  It's busy and tough, but awesome to see the little sibling relationship bloom.  I am able to enjoy Judah so much more than I was able to Luthie at this age because I am just so much less nervous! I worried about everything with her.  With Judah figuring out what to do has been easy.  I'll get more pictures up soon :)

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