Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Baby Appointment

Yesterday I had my first official baby appointment. Andy was able to come with me which was very encouraging to me. We showed up with plenty of time. The first thing the assistant told me was that I had a $450 deductible. I just stared at her like I had no idea what she was talking about. Finally, we worked out a payment plan, I went back to where Andy was sitting and cried for a little while, then went and got a urine sample. I think it's pretty funny they always have directions on how to get a urine sample.
Everything seemed to go well, I took some uncomfortable tests, then mentally prepared for the blood test. I had never had a blood test before, and I am notoriously bad at dealing with blood. Usually I faint, or feel nauseous. Andy promised to distract me for this part. He held my hand for the whole ordeal telling me stories. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In his words I was, "a champ" about it. The nurse finished up, I looked up at Andy and his face was white, and he sat down. "I'm feeling a little dizzy," he admitted. Andy has a really rough time with needles, but normally it's just when they are poking him. The nurse got him some chocolate, and he narrowly avoided passing out.
I asked him how he will handle the delivery part of pregnancy. He says that the adrenaline will get him through that. I'm not sure what will get me through--necessity?
Everything seems normal, and hopefully that will be confirmed when I get all the test results left. Fortunately I am obnoxiously healthy, and apparently at the prime age for having babies!

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  1. Drugs sweetie drugs. Repeat after me: The epidural is my friend, the epidural is my friend, the epidural is my friend. :) I've done it both ways and it is my humble opinion that childbirth is best experienced under the influence of something.