Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday we had our first sonogram. First, the technician rubbed this really cold jelly on my belly and started rubbing the sonogram/remote/I have no idea what it's called around. At first, we could only see a bunch of black and gray blobs--then suddenly Baby. There was this little tiny person wiggling around in front of us. Andy and I looked in amazement as it kicked and turned. The technician kept marveling at how much the baby was moving. We just stared in wonder at the little life living in me. I can not believe that I can't feel it, I can't believe how much of a person it looks like. Andy thinks it looks like him, but I think it just looks like a very-big-headed baby. They gave us a few pictures and we've been sending them around to our family and friends.

The baby feels so much more real now that I've actually seen it. I'm more excited, and also more terrified. It feels so weird getting ready for this little person to come into our lives.

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