Friday, October 23, 2009

Other Blogs

I used to think blogs were dumb. But the past several months I've come across a variety of different blogs, and after talking to Jenn about hers, decided to start one. I knew it would be fairly impersonal, more of a tool to keep family updated on my life in the big city, and pregnancy. Yesterday I discovered an absolutely amazing blog--project subrosa. This woman is so real, so inspiring. I feel very connected to it since she is doing the marriage/baby stuff in close succession as well.

On another note, I just got invited to my bridal shower! Andy's mom, Sue, and Jenn are throwing it for me at thanksgiving. I am marrying into such an awesome family. We are getting manicures and pedicures before. I have never done either one of those, so it will be a new experience. I really was not expecting to have any pre-wedding parties except for a bachelorette party when I can actually drink again. So thanks Jenn and Sue!

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  1. Hey I'm helping too! Can't wait it will be a blast!