Thursday, October 15, 2009


Andy is away on a business trip. Actually the business trip part was yesterday in Minneapolis. So now he is staying with his family for a couple of days. I didn't know what a lamo I was without him!

In some ways being apart is kind of cool because it helps to remember all the things we love about each other, and it helps us remember our total awesomeness together. Andy once told me I am his "person." I love that. Just the idea that you can have a person in life. I have got to be the most blessed person. I'm only 22, and I've found my person. This is going to be the sappiest post ever written, but I just watched the romantic season finale of Everwood (I am sad that show ended in 2006), and I'm in the midst of pining.

However, Andy is having a good time with his family, and his mom likes my wedding dress! so life is good all in all. I've been able to put in lots of extra hours at work for our slowly approaching honeymoon, and I know I never want to be a loner professional.

I'll finish with one more sappy thing. We have both been listening to this song lately by Regina Spektor called "Two Birds on a Wire." Andy left me a note referencing this song when he left. Anyway its become a thing between us, as we talk about building our nest together. I found this pendant online and I really wish I could figure out where to find it!

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