Monday, December 7, 2009

Sick day

Well, today I stayed home sick. I don't feel sick enough to stay home sick, but I'm going on over a week of this nasty cold that makes my face feel stuffed up and my throat super sore. Andy told me to stay home today and try and recover. I feel pretty good after a day of sleeping reading, a bath, and some ugly betty, and I think I'm up for going to work tomorrow. I still feel pretty sniffly, but at least I got lots of rest today.

By the way, tomorrow Andy and I will have been engaged for three months! I don't know if you celebrate engagement days (maybe annually) but it's kind of cool, and I can't believe our wedding is still so far away. I guess the whole having a baby between now and then makes it feel longer. I'm looking forward to that to, but in a different way, and I am really ready to be married to Andy.

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