Friday, December 25, 2009


People have been so generous to us for Christmas. Our families are amazing. Andy and I have been big slackers about presents this year, and although we have several of them, they are looking like New Year's presents at this point. Fortunately, we are Catholic and we have a Christmas season! So to our families out there, cards and Christmas goodies are coming, and we really do love you!

However, we did manage to get each other presents in time. Andy got me a gift certificate for a pre-natal massage, they are supposed to be amazing, and I'm very excited to see what it's like. I've been sore lately and feeling pretty hefty and stressed, so it will be great to have all of that worked out. He also surprised me by giving me my wedding band! We were planning on getting it anyway, but he wanted me to see it on Christmas, and I get to wear it for one day-today! Then it's back in the ring box until May (our wedding is less then 5 months away for anyone else who is counting down). I bought Andy a sweet Tolkien collection-it has a nice hardbound copy of the Hobbit, and two books by a Tolkien expert. He showed it to me in a bookstore a few weeks ago, and his eyes were all bright. He liked it. However, now I get a moment to be super mushy, Andy is the best part of this Christmas.

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