Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2009 was a good year for you. It was an incredibly eventful and blessed year for me, and I feel the first half of 2010 will be finishing all that was started in 2009. We will have the baby soon, and get married in May. Once we reach June, it's just continuing to figure out how to live, no huge, life-changing things to plan.

Andy and I go back to work in the morning. We are both feeling a little grumbly about it, but it has been such an awesome year, that I really can't complain. We spent a lot of time reading, and just being lazy, doing the things we never have time to do. We went to a sweet New Year's eve party with some of our co-workers as well.

Yesterday, and today we embarked on an intense cleaning/organizing of the apartment. Apparently we both decided it was time to nest at the same time, and we are very pleased with the results. Our apartment is looking great with a few new pieces of furniture. We both feel organized in anticipation of the baby. We even packed our bag to take to the birth center, and Andy installed the car seat base. Essentially, we could have the baby at anytime, and we'd be good to go, although it would be better for her if she waited a few more weeks. We are both quite anxious to meet her.

This is Andy and I hanging out with Emily in a very cold DC over Christmas. This was taken before we fed the squirrels, which was terrifying.

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