Sunday, November 8, 2009

Calling all bridesmaids!

Alright, so I think the word bridesmaid is kind of a funky title, although I've generally had good bridesmaid experiences. Anyway for the bridesmaids in my wedding I've got ideas to bounce off of you. I want you all to be happy, have a good time, and feel totally hot. My idea is to have the color mandated, but I really don't care what style of dress you guys pick (my only stipulation is that it's not floor length, but I don't think any of you would want a floor length dress anyway). The color is the "marine" at david's bridal which I promise looks a lot prettier in person than it does online, or in this goofy picture. Essentially it is an almost navy blue. I really don't care about the color of the shoes, hairstyle, or jewelry. You are all stylish tasteful women so wear what you like. And if you find (or own) a sweet dress in this color somewhere else that's fine too.
This is my plan right now, I think I think it will stay this way.

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