Monday, November 30, 2009


So maybe it’s cliché, but I have to do a thankful post. I have so much to be thankful for this year, so much more than I ever expected.

I am so grateful for Andy. I am grateful for his love, determination, loyalty, and willingness to embrace life with me. I am grateful that we take such appreciation in small things together. We have such a delight in our simple life and in each other.

I am thankful for our healthy little daughter and that we will get to meet her so soon.

I am thankful that Andy and I share the same faith and strive to live it together despite our imperfections.

I am grateful for our upcoming wedding, that we will be able to proclaim to the world how our dedication and joy together.

I am thankful for our families. They have provided so much love and support especially in the last few months.

I am thankful for our jobs. Despite the frustrations and long days we are so blessed to have decent jobs that allow us to live a comfortable life. In the current economy we are so lucky to have so much.

There are so many other things I am thankful for…good music, my co-workers, Andy’s singing, our silliness together, my amazing bridal shower, that the car is working well, the birth center and all of their help, our priest, and for all the love, joy, and pain I experience with Andy everyday.

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