Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I can only make art in 3D. I suck at drawing or anythign like it. But give me a ball of string and I can make something with it. My grandma taught me to knit and crochet and I have ever since. Although recently my artsy times have been a bit lacking. Crafts take a lot of time, at leas they do when I do them, and I haven't had very many projects in the last couple of years. And I miss it. A few months ago in a thrift store I spotted several balls of thick, dark green yarn. I bought them quickly. Andy and I had just found out we are having another baby and I started a baby blanket for him. The dark green made me wonder if he was a boy despite me instinct that this baby was a girl.

I've been slowly adding to my baby blanket, and finding out this baby is indeed a little boy has reminded me to work on it. Although for me this type of art isn't so much about the product, although I do love hand-knitted items. It is about the process. Somehow I find calm in the slow buidling of stitches one on top of the other. I love seeing my pattern emerge as I add to it. The movement of my hands soothes my busy mind.


  1. Wow! I have never thought about my art skills (or lack thereof) in different dimensions. I like your observation.

    Remember that baby blanket you helped me get started? I haven't touched it in a long time now. Maybe I'm in need of some artistic inspiration.

  2. Oh Tawny I miss our days of knitting and Gilmore Girls haha!

  3. Lindy, me too! I still do that combo sometimes but it was more fun with you.