Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Hammock

For some reason this whole having a baby thing has been on my mind lately. Maybe it's because my stomach now sticks out pretty blatently (we are getting close to the six month mark!), or maybe it's because since I don't really have symptoms of pregnancy early on I don't really feel pregnant until the babe starts wailing on me. And this little boy is kicking like crazy lately!

Anyway, I have been much more forward thinking this time around and one thing I've been interested in is baby wearing. We used this tactic a bit with Lu when she was really little. Usually Andy would carry her in the baby bjorn which worked great for him. I wasn't as comfortable in it. This time however, I want to still be able to do things like take Lu to the park and just keep chasing her around in general, so wearing this new one seems like a good option. So far I have two carriers. I found a navy blue moby wrap at a thrift store, so we'll try that one out. And yesterday I scored this beautiful thing:
I think it's a tad big on me, but I think I can altar it fairly easily. I never got used to the sling with Lu (Maralee generously lent us hers, although it will soon be put to use again for her new little one!), because she basically hated it. I'm hoping the little boy likes slings more. I can barely wait to wear this one it's so pretty! Boho Mama, that's what I'll be.


  1. Tres tres cute :-)

    I recommend the Ergo carrier for when the baby is a little bigger (holds his head up), and the Moby is nice, once you get the hang of wrapping it around yourself (i.e. needs practice); so don't give up on it!

    ...if you try it at all, that sling is too lovely!

  2. Thanks! I do like the ergo, tried a friend's out, but I need to save some money for it :) The moby does seem a bit complicated, but I figured it was worth a try for six bucks!

  3. Tawny, I just got a Moby wrap and I love it. It wasn't hard to figure out and it holds Catherine in really tight so I can do housework. I use my sling for going out since it is so quick to get the baby in, plus it works as a nursing cover. I did some babywearing with Therese, but a lot more now with Catherine because otherwise Therese would never get fed!

    Also, I see Miss Katherine-formerly-Eddy posted on your blog too! Well I miss Katherine and want to read her blog!