Thursday, September 1, 2011

Work and weird pregnancy hormones

They do not always mix well together. I have been full time now for exactly a month, a month today actually. My work itself is going really well. I have been getting good feedback and learning about my new projects. Lu seems to love her partime daycare. She gets along with the other kids, and her babysitter, Dorothy, just got a puppy.

But so far about once a week I have completely panicked. I get overwhelmed or feel like I am not doing well on a project, or that Lu is not getting enough attention, and I kinda flip out a little. What the heck? None of this is based in actual fact. Luthien is thriving, I have been getting good feedback on my work, and the house is actually pretty clean. Andy and I have come to the same diagnoses each time--pregnancy. How lame is that? I realize that crazy hormones are rushing through my body all the time, but I hate the idea that I don't have control over them. I mean of course I have some control. When I start to feel panicky, Andy usually has a little chat with me, then I take some down time to read or knit. I just hate not being in charge of how I'm feeling.

I think the more comfortable I become balancing my added responsiblities the easier it will be. But I am looking forward to this baby beign born for many reasons.

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