Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emotional Closeness

Have you ever had someone share too much with you? Have you ever had someone tell you personal things when you know you aren’t on that level? It’s an uncomfortable feeling. I recently was in a situation where someone I was acquainted with told me many personal details about her life. I was struck by the lack of awareness it showed. Now perhaps she just really needed someone to talk to, and I think I come off as fairly easy to talk to, but it made me feel weird all the same. I like to listen to people and I like to offer any knowledge I have, but I felt that this crossed the line.

I know part of my confusion is that I err on the other side of not sharing enough. It takes me a long time to share personal stories, and ideas. I wait and wait, to trust people enough to tell them important things about me. Andy is much better about this, he will share earlier than I will, but still guards himself. I take longer to trust people.

So what is the line of sharing? Or is it just different with different people?

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