Monday, June 14, 2010

House decorating

I am not really a detail oriented person. Andy notices the nail that you can kinda see from the side of the clock. I do not see it. For our wedding, I think we spent a total of $30 to decorate our reception. I figured it was already in a cool old mansion with books and lamps, why spend a ton on flowers, lights, tinsel(???) whatever, when I knew that I wouldn’t even see it. As it turns out this was a good call. I never even saw the tables of food I was so busy talking, dancing, and looking at Andy. And if anyone missed major decorations? Well too bad.

Now we are trying to get our house looking snappy, and my non-decorating eye is having a hard time doing it. However, I’ve been thinking about personality and how our personalities drip into everything we do. So our house is starting to look like Andy and I, well not literally, but our personalities are seeping into our house. We’ve bought a lot of our decorative items at flea markets and thrift stores, and we’ve really found some cool stuff. We have several old kerosene lamps, which are very cool looking. Just this past week I bought several funky, asymmetrical class vases, and they look super artsy together. I am really liking glass. It reminds me of jewelry. This house decorating thing is a good chance for us to show our personalities no matter how quirky.

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